#Hungry4Justice // Families Belong Together & Free

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We demand that every migrant family separated by this administration be reunited and released from incarceration. We demand that the families receive support and justice for the trauma inflicted by our government.


We are launching a national rolling hunger strike in solidarity with migrant families who are still separated and/or incarcerated.

We were inspired by the hunger strike of mothers inside Port Isabel Detention Center in Texas, who went on a rolling hunger strike after being denied the right to speak to their children.

Community members in one city after another will step up to fast for a few days at a time. As the fast ends in one city, it will pick up in another. 

We are parents, we are elders, we are clergy members, we are volunteers, we are teachers. We are ordinary people who have decided that enough is enough.

We will not silently watch government-sanctioned kidnapping and the torture of migrant families. We will not sit back and watch families torn apart, babies and toddlers deemed “ineligible” for reunification, children returned to their parents so traumatized they can’t speak, parents denied food, water, and medical care, children and women subjected to abuse and mockery.

We stand against the criminalization and dehumanization of immigrant families. 

We will continue our hunger strike and other solidarity actions until our demand is met.

July 30 - august 1

Oakland, CA

August 2 - August 4

Sacramento, CA

August 5 - August 7

Santa Cruz, CA

August 8 - August 10

Portland, OR

August 11 - August 13

Staten Island, NY

August 14 - August 15

Albany, NY

August 16 - August 18

Chicago, IL

August 19 - August 21

New York, NY

August 22 - August 24

Ashland, OR

August 27 - August 29

Seattle, WA

August 30 - August 31

Washington, D.C.

September 1 - September 3

Pittsfield, MA

September 4 - September 6

Boston, MA

September 16 - September 18

Atlanta, GA

Dates To Be Announced:

Austin, TX

Berkeley, CA

Boutte, LA

Charlotte, NC

Charlottesville, VA

Denver, CO

Eugene, OR

Joshua Tree, CA

Kansas City, MO

Lexington, KY

Los Angeles, CA


Mesa, AZ

Miami, FL

Minneapolis, MN

Nashville, TN

New Hampshire!

North Carolina!


Pittsburgh, PA

San Francisco, CA

Orange County, CA

Orlando, FL

Saint Louis, MO

Santa Rosa, CA

Wichita, KS

Wilmington, DE


with more cities joining every day!


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Visit our GoFundMe page to support this effort. 100% of donations will be used to cover logistical costs for the hunger strikes in each city. Any unused funds will be donated to RAICES


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Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in supporting this. What should I do?

First, you should check if there are already folks working on this in your area. You can do that by filling out the Google form, after which you will receive an email connecting you to other activists and organizers near you. You can also join our FB group and  like our FB page. If there is an active group in your area, you can join in. If not, you can use those same tools to connect with other interested individuals in your area. Also, if you are in contact with other individuals or groups in your area that have been active on family separations, or might want to be, please reach out to them. This is a grassroots effort, not a top down one-- its a call, or an idea, and an offer for some support with media and help pulling things off, but the strike will be effective if people in different areas take it on and work to make it happen in their community.

Do I have to fast for three days to help?

Nope! Organizing a hunger strike/ fast requires many  roles, including media outreach, logistical planning, spreading the word to possible participants, and direct support of people fasting. You can do this with just three (or maybe even two!) people fasting for the whole time, with others supporting in other ways. You can download this spreadsheet to help think through your roles.

Do we have to be in a central location? Can I fast from home?

Our experienced advisors suggest that having at least some people be located in a central location is helpful for media and visibility. In Oakland, we plan to stay in a church at night and stay in front of the federal building by day. That said, we welcome people to participate in the ways they can.  People are developing ways for those fasting while living their regular lives to be visible and spread the word (on social media, and in real life).  We welcome fasters who can only join for part of the time your city sets to join in for the day, or whatever they can.

Are you suggesting we camp out at night?

Not unless you want to! While some folks may want or be able to camp, it’s totally fine to go in at night, to a community organization, a church, back home, or wherever your local team decides.

Can fasters drink water?

Yes! You can make this work for you. We want to show our level of outrage and the depth of our feeling but we don't want to hurt ourselves or put anyone at medical risk.

Are there ways I can get help thinking through how to do this?

Yes. You can ask questions in our Facebook group. You can also check out this link for a general guide on how to plan an action.

Who are you?

We are all volunteers. Some of us have been directly impacted by immigration policies, many of us are allies, many of us have immigration stories from our own family’s past. Many of us are parents of children, young or older, and have been anguished by reading the news on the treatment of children at the border.

We commit to being true allies, and taking leadership from those on the frontlines of this crisis.  We commit to making this organizing effort reflect our values of kindness, generosity, anti-racism, and respect for those who may differ from us. We commit to making our organizing family friendly and supportive of the children and parents involved.